We make recycling easy and rewarding

We are a free service

What We Do

We make recycling easy and rewarding.

Pricing: We are a free service.

Work directly with manufacturers of recycled products so 99% of recyclables are actually recycled.
Reward you for recycling.
Keep track of your impact.
Provide convenient carrier-based and building-based recycling services.

How It Works

Download our mobile app.
Check what materials are accepted and start collecting. Make sure to keep materials seperate.
When you’re ready, simply schedule a pick-up for a carrier or drop your recyclables off in a bin if you live in a partner building.
Once your recyclables have been collected you will automatically recieve points which can be used to redeem rewards.

Why It Matters

Currently, 70% of all the stuff that we consume in the U.S.A is used used once and then thrown away. This habit of disposal, and not reuse or recycling, places a huge burden on landfills, generates water and air pollution, produces excessive carbon emissions and contributes to the degradation of the environment.

We need to start increasing recycling rates and start encouraging manufacturers to adopt more recycled materials in their manufacturing processes. Otherwise, we will have fewer and fewer beautiful places on this earth to enjoy.

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