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asta works x the sierra

We are excited to offer our recycling services at The Sierra. Our bins are conveniently located on each floor, in the refuse rooms. Asta Works turns more of your recyclables into new products and makes the choice to recycle easy - see your impact and earn rewards.Download now to start recycling with Asta Works. 

a better process

Recycling with Asta Works means that more of your recyclables actually get recycled, less emissions are created and more energy is saved throughout the process.

Current Process:

Mixed recyclables pass through many separators, often overseas, creating excessive emissions and waste.

Our Process:

Separated Asta Works recyclables go straight to domestic manufacturers, which reduces emissions, waste and allows us to reward you!


What we are currently offering as rewards for recycling:

Major Airline Miles

Amazon Gift Cards

Blue Bottle Coffee

Creating Drop-offs

1. In the app, click "Create Drop-off"

2. Attach one label to each bag and scan it using the app.

3. Drop off labeled bags in an Asta Works bin.

asta works bins and labels are on each floor in the refuse rooms.


Paper & Cardboard

Accepted: Most paper products and cardboard, e.g., cardboard boxes, office paper, pizza boxes, magazines, newspaper, cereal boxes

Exceptions: No tissues or paper towels; no waxy, or dirty paper.

***Special note: Cardboard boxes should be stacked from smallest to largest. Attach the label to the outer most box***

Plastic & Metal

Accepted: Almost all types of household metals and plastics, e.g., plastic bottles, aluminium cans, takeout containers, aluminum foil, tin cans.

Exceptions: No soft, flexible plastics, such as plastic bags or wrappers.


Accepted: All glass. Please drink up your wine and beer ;)

We are happy to help

For any questions, simply email us or text your local resident ambassador at:


Resident Ambassador: 617-633-5308

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