asta works x USC

Recycling Trojans

Hey USC!

The 2017 USC ESA x Asta Works recycling challenge is underway! Teams will compete to win $100 Amazon gift cards while doing good for the environment. Also, the club or greek life organization whose members recycle the most during the competition will win a prize of their choice worth up to $1000. Winners will be announced on stage at Conquest!

Asta Works will also be a sponsor of Conquest 2017! Visit our tent during the event to pickup free goodies and learn more about who we are. We will also be offering recycling services to all our users - swing by with your bottles and cans to earn more points. And finally, we will also be holding a raffle for a 2018 Coachella ticket! To enter, download the Asta Works app and create an account anytime before or during the event.

Dates (2017):

Nov. 01 [5:00 pm]: Signup Deadline
Nov. 03 [12:00 pm]: Contest Starts
Nov. 15 [11:59 pm]: Contest Ends
Nov. 16 [8:00 pm]: Winner Announced at Conquest

What Is Asta Works

Asta Works is building a better recycling process through rewards, transparency and efficiency. Through the Asta Works mobile app, you can schedule pickups for your recyclables. As you recycle, you earn points which can be redeemed for rewards, such as Amazon Gift Cards and Flight Miles. We also show you your positive impact on the environment and what exactly happens to your recyclables.

Getting Started

Download the Asta Works app.
Keep your recyclables separated by the material groups we collect. Right now it's Plastic & Metal, Glass, Paper & Cardboard.
Schedule a pickup.
Earn points as you recycle and redeem them for rewards.


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1. Download the iOS or Android mobile app.
2. Start collecting reyclables that Asta Works collects (Plastic + Metal, Glass, Paper). Keep them separated and bagged by the different material groups.
3. Schedule a pickup through the app and a carrier will come pick up your recyclables. Asta Works will then reward you with points within 24 hrs!
Plastic + Metal:
Yes: Rigid plastics and all metals. E.g., plastic containers, aluminum cans, aluminum foil, tin cans.
No: Soft, flimsy plastic, e.g., plastic bags, clear wrappers that go around new products, candy bar wrappers, potato chip bags, etc.

Yes: All glass.

Paper and Cardboard:
Yes: Clean, non-waxy paper products and cardboard. E.g., office paper, envelopes, magazines, cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, newspaper, paper cartons. No: Tissue (e.g., Kleenex), paper towels (e.g., Bounty), toilet paper, napkins, or any dirty, soiled, food-stained, or wax-lined paper products (e.g., wax-lined coffee cups).
You can schedule a pickup through the app. In the app, you will be able to select the materials you will be recycling and also choose a date and a time block. An Asta Works carrier will then arrive during the scheduled time block to pick up your recyclables.
There's no minimum per pickup, but scheduling bigger pickups could save you time! It will also reduce the amount of carbon emissions we generate through transportation.
Any pickup scheduled before Nov. 16th will be counted towards your points.
Yes, we will track how many points you have earned, so don't worry about spending them!

We are happy to help.

For any questions, simply email us or your student ambassador at:
Student Ambassador: